Teen parents 

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding roles you will ever have; but it will also be one of the most challenging. If you are a young parent, you are certainly not alone: there are many parents just like you all around New Zealand and many people available to support you. We have created a collection of organisations and online resources to support you in your journey as a young parent.

Support for teen parents 

Thrive - Teen Parent Support Trust

Thrive Teen Parent Support is a non-profit organisation supporting teen parents to become confident and secure with their tamariki, whanau and community. Links to useful resources include the Your Pregnancy booklet and the Young Dads brochure.

Teen Parent Units

There are a number of Teen Parent Units in New Zealand that teenagers attend to further their education if they cannot attend a mainstream school because of parental responsibilities. Teen Parent Units usually exist as part of a mainstream secondary school but are run independently of that school. Find a Teen Parent Unit near you.

Fathering the Future Trust

Aims to raise the profile of fathers in society. Their vision is to promote a culture where fathers have an active and child-centred parenting role.


Offers support and advice for teen parents

Payments for teen parents

The Young Parent payment is for 16-19 year olds with children who wish to undertake study to continue their education. There are certain eligibility requirements to be met, which you can read about on the Work and Income website. Different rules apply if you are single or in a relationship, so it is important to check your eligibility beforehand. Your relationship status and living situation also affects the rate at which you will receive the Young Parent payment. Current rates are listed on the Work and Income website. 

Learn more about the Young Parent payment via the Youth Service section of the Ministry for Social Development website. 

There is also a Guaranteed Childcare Assistance payment (GCAP) available to young parents under 20 to help with the cost of childcare. Whether you are working or studying, you may be eligible to get up to 50 hours of childcare covered per week. These hours must be allocated separately to the 20 hours ECE given to all parents by the government. Read more about the GCAP on the Work and Income website. Maximum rates are set at $300 per week per child and this has never changed since introduced in 2012. 

Obligations you must fulfil whilst receiving these benefits are set out in the Young Parent Payment Obligations listed on the Work and Income website.