Bonnie Mawson, Chief Executive Officer

The focus of our service is the children and young persons of one-parent families.  Our services are provided in the family context; we work with the whole family.  Our task is to facilitate the growth of confidence, development of living skills and a sense of wellbeing within the family unit and its individual members. The welfare and interests of the child or young person shall be the first and paramount consideration.

Please feel free to contact our office between 9am and 4pm for information and support.

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Our free services include:

For Parents:

  • Home-based social work support, enabling you to find practical solutions
  • Working with you on a tailored plan for your family
  • Offering parent education opportunities
  • Offering parent networking opportunities
  • Access to our library of resource materials
  • Offering support and advocacy with a range of agencies, e.g. Work & Income and Housing New Zealand
  • Providing referrals to specialist services.

For Children and Young Adults

  • Offering fun, self-esteem building activity programmes for children and teenagers
  • Offering a range of camps and outings
  • The opportunity to participate in specialist programmes that build confidence and resilience, e.g. Outward Bound.

For Families

  • Offering low cost/free events for the whole family to enjoy
  • Providing practical assistance with clothing, toys and books
  • Publishing regular newsletters with something for everyone.

“Thank you so much for sending me and my daughter to Outward Bound for 8 days! It was fantastic swimming in the sea every day, sailing and rowing for two days, tramping, kayaking in white water, running every day, rock climbing, high wires. It was an amazing time and so good going with her – so much excellent quality time!! We will both remember this experience for a very long time! It was so much fun!” - Birthright Wellington client.

“Thank you so much! My Outward Bound course was easily one of the best experiences of my life. It changed my outlook on life and gave me new motivation in everything that I do as well as allowing me to try out heaps of new things such as white water kayaking, high ropes, sailing, rowing & tramping. But perhaps the most important thing I got out of this course was the new bond formed between me and my mother as well as the other people in my watch. However, although Outward Bound strengthened the relationship with my mother and I, they also put a great amount of effort to make sure us youth also learn to be independent and responsible for our actions. None of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for you, so thanks.” - Birthright Wellington client’s daughter.

Contact information

Free call 0800 457 146
Phone number: 
(04) 499 0055
Email address: 
89B Thorndon Quay, Wellington 4500 / PO Box 706 Wellington 6140