Get support and advice online or over the phone to help parent your family led by one person.

There is a strong community of support for single-parent families in Aotearoa New Zealand. Use the information below to find advice and raise secure and confident children.

Parenting support in New Zealand

Parent Help - For free parenting advice and support, visit Parent Help to learn about counselling and coaching services available to single parents in New Zealand. To get help, call the Parent Helpline on 0800-568-856, 9am-9pm Monday-Sunday.

Parenting Place - Parenting Place has some great advice for families led by one person. Learn through tips, ideas and stories that can help you on your parenting journey.

Parents Centre - Parents Centre offers knowledge and skills to support parents to raise their children. For nationwide education programmes focused on parenting children, Parents Centre has a great network of support available to single parents.

Parent to Parent - Parent to Parent has a lot of useful information on parenting disabled children for families led by one person. They seek to connect, inspire, and support parents who are raising disabled children in New Zealand.

NZ Single Parents - Find a community of single parents offering plenty of information and advice around parenting for families led by one person.

Overseas organisations 

Gingerbread - Gingerbread is the UK’s leading charity for single parents. While some of the information isn’t relevant to the Aotearoa New Zealand context, plenty of it is. They cover a comprehensive range of topics related to parenting advice for families led by one person.

One Parent Families Scotland - One Parent Families Scotland is Scotland’s leading charity for single parents. There is also some useful information on this site. 

Facebook parenting support groups 

There are a number of support groups on Facebook for families led by one person in New Zealand. These are generally constructive places where parents, caregivers, and whānau can find support through online community discussion. These groups are facilitated by moderators to ensure that they are safe and confidential places to be. 

Single/Sole Parents NZ Support Group


Single mums NZ

NZ Single Parents