Supporting families led by one person for over 60 years

We specialise in working with families led by one person

Birthright offers a range of social services for the children and parents of families led by one person, and some regions also provide services to two-parent and blended families.

If you are a mum, dad, grandparent or another whānau member parenting alone, we can support you.

Our goal is nurtured, resilient, inspired children and families.

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Our services


Our trained and experienced staff and social workers offer practical support, resources and encouragement.


We understand the diversity of whānau in our communities and the importance of community connections.


We can support you to understand your rights and express your views on issues that are important to you. We also advocate at a national level for systemic change on behalf of families led by one person.


Access a range of useful resources that the whole family can benefit from.


We work closely with other providers to ensure you have access to appropriate services in your community.

Success stories

We have been exploring the systemic barriers facing single parent whānau. We believe a collective response needs to be taken to address these systemic barriers. Read more about what we have learnt...Read more
Ana was battling a number of issues as a sole parent, when she enrolled with Birthright Canterbury in 2015. She credits her social worker and the rest of the Birthright team with helping her get...Read more
Life can be stressful and busy for Dan, a single father of two young daughters. In 2015, Dan went searching for extra support, knowing that it might be hard to find. Luckily, someone he knew...Read more