Dan's story: "My social worker has become like family"

Life can be stressful and busy for Dan, a single father of two young daughters. In 2015, Dan went searching for extra support, knowing that it might be hard to find. Luckily, someone he knew mentioned Birthright Canterbury and he quickly got in touch.

 Because of Birthright and the support of his social worker, Dan has found life a whole lot easier. Usually, Dan would not have the finances to enable his daughters to participate in community events and holiday activities such as going to the movies. But, with the help of Birthright, he has been able to give his daughters those experiences and memories.

 “The little things help more than people may realise. Whether it’s being given clothing, cooking lessons, health care packages, or my girls receiving birthday and Christmas gifts, Birthright has been there for me, which has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders.”

 Now, Dan cannot imagine what life would be like without his social worker.  “She’s always been there for me. Giving me ideas and helping me to move forward with my job and motivating me to study. I would be lost without her.”

 Going forward, Dan feels as though he has the support when and where he needs it. He knows that he can always call his social worker.

 “My social worker’s door is always open and dropping in to visit her whenever I need feels like visiting an aunt.”

 “I just want to say a big thank you to Birthright from me and my girls. The help and support are appreciated more than you know. I have no words to describe what Birthright has done for me.”