Whether you have decided to divorce or are just considering separation, you should be well informed about your legal rights and obligations and what help and support is available to you - and to all of those in your family who will be affected.


The Family Court of New Zealand offers Family Dispute Resolution mediation for couples or separated parents who are having problems with their relationship, child care or parenting orders.

You may be eligable for funding for this service. Alternatively, the cost is $897 including GST and is shared by all parties to the dispute.


When a couple decide to separate, there are a lot of things to consider at every stage of this journey. Children should be at the top of that list, but there can be many other areas of concern as well, such as your finances, your family home, who gets to keep what, and how you will manage your family going forward.

There is no requirement to formally record the agreement you and your former partner reach, however you can choose to create a separation agreement in relation to your finances and other joint assets and liabilities.

A divorce procedure can take some time, so if you require a degree of certainty while the divorce is being settled, this document will provide that.

Similarly, if you don’t want to get a divorce, this document will provide the legal framework in which you separate.


The Family Justice website has a wealth of information to help married and civil union couples who have decided to legally separate or dissolve their marriage or civil union (get divorced).