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Birthright believes that all children have the right to a happy, secure and loving home environment. 

We understand the diversity of whanau in our communities. We specialise in working with families led by one person.

Through our work we help create nurtured, resilient and inspired children, and families, by walking alongside the whole family to facilitate the growth of confidence, enhance living skills and a sense of independence and self-help within the family unit. 

Original Birthright logo-76In the beginning - Birthright in the 1950s

1950s New Zealand was enjoying an economic boom after the Great Depression and the Second World War - the welfare system was well in place and developing, jobs were plentiful, the nuclear family was still regarded as the ‘ideal’ social grouping, adoptions were common while abortions were few, and marriage breakdowns were the exception rather than the rule.

1955 saw the first Birthright established in Hastings in 1955, with the aim of helping the children whose mothers were on their own due to separation, desertion, divorce or death of a spouse. The philosophy behind this new organisation was ‘every child is entitled to a birthright’ - regardless of whether they had two parents or not.

Not only was this the first organisation of its kind in New Zealand, it was also the first in the world. Today, Birthright has 14 member organisations operating around the country that offer social services for children and families, especially those families led by one person. Read more about Birthright’s history and Birthright today.

Calling all former Birthright families!

Were you a Birthright child or a parent who accessed our services? If so, then we would love to hear from you! It's been 60 years since the first Birthright began. We would love to mark this milestone by sharing the stories of former Birthright children and parents. To share your story, please email us at: office@birthright.org.nz and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Birthright Hawke's Bay 2016 Summer Camp

In January, Birthright Hawke’s Bay Child & Family Care sent 48 children aged between 8 and 12 years old to a week-long camp where the children learnt many new skills as they participated in some new challenges and “honed” their social skills.

This annual camp is held at Stoney Creek Ranch, which is 40 kms out of town and situated within stunning scenery. The staff and volunteers at Stoney Creek are fantastic – encouraging children to challenge themselves and helping them develop their social skills.
Many of these children do not get a chance to go on family holidays due to various financial and family reasons, which is why it is fantastic that Birthright Hawke’s Bay is able to get sponsorship from various organisations and trusts to pay for the week long camp.
Most importantly, the children have a great time interacting with each other and meeting new friends. The flip side is that parents and caregivers also get a much deserved break during the school holidays.

As the photos below how, there is a lot of emphasis on teaching the children new skills (e.g. cooking on a camp stove) and new experiences (e.g. rock climbing and the flying fox). We are very fortunate to have this type of facility in Hawke’s Bay thanks to the kind donations from philanthropic organisations that make it all happen.

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Birthright in your area


Birthright New Zealand comprises 14 regional member societies. 

Each member society is autonomous and offers a range of services.

Click here to find the Birthright in your region

Subsidy for under 15s with poor vision


Do you have a child 15 or under who has poor vision? Well if you do they may be eligible for the Spectacle Subsidy, an initiative offered by the Ministry of Health.

Through the subsidy the Ministry of Health will pay up to $287.50 (including GST) a year towards either vision tests, glasses or eye patches. 

To qualify, parents/guardians need to be community services card holders or hold a high user health card. Your optometrist or eye specialist also needs to be registered as an assessor for the subsidy. To find an assessor near you please call 0800 17 1981.

To find out more about the Subsidy and how it works please click HERE

The Safeguarding Children Initiative

Want to know more about how to stop child abuse in your community? Well through the Safeguarding Children Initiative you can.

Run by experienced practitioners in the field, this educational resource takes a more proactive approach to tackling child abuse and is free of charge.

Training is offered via seminars delivered by the Safeguarding Children Initiative Team or through its free E-learning course.

To learn more about The Safeguarding Children Initiative and to access its free resources please click HERE.

To access a short video that explains who they are and what they offer please click HERE.

Major overhaul for CYPs following report

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley has outlined a major overhaul of Child Youth and Family, following a scathing interim report which outlines extremely poor outcomes for children who had been through the state care system.

As a result of the report, the Minister signalled that some of the major changes forecasted include; a shift towards a more child centred model, include tighter tracking methods employed by CYPs - to stop individuals slipping through the cracks, as well as more work being contracting out to social services/NGOs. 

It is expected that the overhaul will require extra funding, which are currently being worked through by the report panel and are scheduled to be presented to the Minister towards the end of the year.

Following this the final report, and its recommendations, will be collated and go through Cabinet -before the Reforms are implemented. 

To read the full interim report please click HERE



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