Amanda's story: Social Worker's encouragement changed the course of her life

If it wasn’t for Birthright Canterbury and the help of her social worker, Amanda’s life would look very different.

When her daughter was 18 months old and her son was six, Amanda and her partner separated. With no family in Christchurch and having developed a close relationship with her partner’s family, Amanda felt she had no support system after the separation.

Dan's story: "My social worker has become like family"

Life can be stressful and busy for Dan, a single father of two young daughters. In 2015, Dan went searching for extra support, knowing that it might be hard to find. Luckily, someone he knew mentioned Birthright Canterbury and he quickly got in touch.

Nicky's story - Birthright fieldworker like 'guardian angel'

As a university student and single parent with two children, Nicky's life is sometimes stressful, busy and at times a little chaotic. When she amicably separated from her husband 2 1⁄2 years ago, she also felt alone and in need of support.

She reached out to Birthright Canterbury for help and says she immediately felt like she had a guardian angel in her field worker, Angela. She especially appreciated having Angela’s support when times got tough and she needed to talk things through with someone. 

Pip's story - 'I'm part of a community now'

Pip moved her family from Ashburton to Christchurch a little more than two years ago. To say her life was difficult back then would be an understatement.

Having recently separated from her husband, Pip had quickly become a single parent to three children – twin girls, whom had not yet started school, and her son. She was also struggling to cope with health issues in her wider family, poor living conditions and a feeling of complete isolation from the life she once knew. “It was a really tough time. When I think back, I was depressed.”

Rebecca's story - 'Birthright has been my lifeline'

Life can change in an instant. For Rebecca, those instants have become so frequent it’s hard to remember a time when life was ‘normal.’ Rebecca’s decision to leave an abusive relationship and bring up three children as a single mother was just one of those life changing moments, as was having both of her sons diagnosed with serious health issues. One has severe Chron’s Disease and Asperger’s, while the other suffers from heart and kidney diseases.  

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