Working for Families is a package designed to help make it easier to work and raise a family. Financial support is available for:

  • almost all families with children, earning under $70,000 a year
  • many families with children, earning up to $100,000 a year
  • some larger families earning more.

Working For Families offers support in the form of:

Working for Families Tax Credits

  • These are made up of four types of payments – family tax credit, in-work tax credit, minimum family tax credit and parental tax credit. You may qualify for one or more, depending on your personal situation.
  • See how much you may be eligible for.

Affordable housing

  • Working for Families offers an Accommodation Supplement to working families on low-and middle-incomes. This supplement can help with the costs of your rent, board, mortgage and other essential housing costs. Note that you won't qualify for the Accommodation Supplement if your mortgage is with Housing Corporation or you rent from Housing New Zealand.
  • See how much you may be eligible for.

Help with childcare costs

  • The Government funds the cost of children aged three, four and five to attend early childhood education (kindergartens, centre-based and home-based) for up to 20 hours a week.
  • See how much you may be eligible for.
  • There are also subsidies for out-of-school care.

Academic research

Please find useful academic research on families led by one person.