Birthright welcomes funding to build independence for families led by one person

Birthright New Zealand is delighted to be a recent recipient of funding from the Strathlachlan Fund. 

This funding will support a project to research, review and develop a sustainable programme for the support of single parent families who are upskilling, studying or undertaking apprenticeships or similar. 

This project will build on the legacy created by Sir Roy McKenzie whose generosity established Birthright retraining and scholarship opportunities over a number of years. 

CEO Gabrielle O’Brien notes, “As an organisation we are keen to take a fresh look at what we can offer in this area. We also see this as a great opportunity to partner with other organisations in order to make the most impact that we can for parents and their children.”  

This includes exploring opportunities for partnerships with business, academic institutions and other interested organisations. 

The first phase of the project will focus on reviewing current needs and identifying gaps for support.

Gabrielle noted that there are many additional challenges for those who are juggling their sole caregiving responsibilities along with other demands. 

“We are keen to look at some innovative ways we can address these issues. We are delighted that the Strathlachlan Fund will support this work and build on our contribution.”    

If you are a single parent who is keen to participate in the needs analysis stage, or an organisation who is interested in knowing more about this project, please register your interest at

The project is expected to begin in August 2016.