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13 September 2020

Here at Birthright we love celebrating the successes of parents/caregivers and kids.  

Here's a lovely story about our very own Lynette MacDonald and her approach to child rearing with her marae style home.  A wonderful approach to providing child-centred housing.  Something for policy makers to have a closer look at. 

February 26, 2019

Megan Thomas

Interim CE | Birthright New Zealand

When growing up in a single parent household or being a young single parent.

Birthright is proud to be working with Anglican Action, Tick for Kids (representing the main children's and families charities in the country), Action Station and the Equality Network to ask the politicians whether there is enough for all children and families at this election.

All welcome, start s 6pm, you can zoom in if you have access to a computer.  Only 100 people allowed at the venue due to Covid-19 restrictions.  

Find out more here:


23 August 2020

A number of families led by one person have a disabled child in their family. It's great to be working with Jane Lee who has expertise in this area. Birthright wants to support these amazing families as they do amazing things.  

We will work on policy in this area, doing some more thinking about how we can support families and collaborate with disability organisations.  

The 2000s saw many changes in family types and make-up, including a steady rise in one-parent families, decreasing marriage rates and greater ethnic diversity, with around 1 in 5 New Zealand children...Read more


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