Fusion Homes takes on the Playhouse Challenge

The Fusion Homes team is delighted to be taking part in the Playhouse Challenge. It’s our way of supporting the Christchurch community by acknowledging and supporting the work of Birthright and the Tenants Protection Association (TPA).

We love that the playhouse is a symbolic reminder of the shelter and housing needs of Christchurch people, and we want to make our playhouse a shining example of efficiency, innovation and design excellence.

Fusion Homes is made up of a passionate team of forward-thinking locals, with over 30 years of combined industry experience. We are HUGE on ENERGY EFFICIENCY and have fused together the very best build materials and latest construction technology, so your new home holds its heat or cool air, maintaining a constant temperature for longer.

We have proudly achieved, by partnering with NZ Foam Ltd, the most energy efficient home you can build, which is proven to be truly energy efficient by losing only three degrees of heat every night without extra heating.

Standing out by providing a diverse portfolio of new home styles, we accommodate everyone’s tastes. Our client’s needs are important so we offer flexibility when choosing inclusions, and are dedicated to providing the highest service standards.

Fusion Homes are quality Master Builders, Lifemark and Safety Charter certified and provide all aspects of the design, project management and construction for new home and light commercial projects.

Photo caption: Fusion Homes Director Chris Haughey.