Families have a wide range of needs. Knowing how to make financially healthy decisions, for any family, is an important part of being financially secure.

Working out your budget 

Here are tools to help you gain information on your finances and work out your budget:

  • The government’s Cost of Living Calculator helps you understand what your costs might be, irrespective of what kind of family you live in
  • The Ministry of Social Development has a tool to tell you what financial help you might be entitled to – Check what you might get
  • Sorted has a budgeting tool and plenty of other dedicated information and advice around managing your money in New Zealand
  • MoneyTalks has budgeting services available to connect you to a financial mentor in your area to discuss your financial plan and develop a budget strategy. Freephone 0800 345 123 or text 4029.

Being smart with money 

There is also lots of material on how to save money. Here are a few examples:

  • For some handy tips, read this article by Kiwi Families about saving power and water around the home
  • Visit Gen Less to learn about how to live more with less energy use at home and in your everyday life
  • Check up on power plans available in New Zealand at Powerswitch to see if you can make the switch to a more affordable plan for your household power use
  • To learn about saving money on your food bill, Love Food Hate Waste has some great resources to reduce waste while sticking to your grocery budget.

Contact your local Birthright to find out about what budgeting help is available in your local area.