Grants, Scholarships and Ethical Loans

There are many avenues to apply funding, scholarships and grants to further your or your children's education or career, or simply to assist in a time of need.

Tertiary Scholarships

Many universities, polytechnics and other education providers offer their own scholarships, grants and awards. There's often a scholarships officer or career adviser who can tell you what scholarships you may be eligible for. Check out Careers New Zealand for a comprehensive list of contacts around the country.

givME is New Zealand’s biggest collection of information about awards, scholarships and grants available for individuals containing details of over 4,0000 funding schemes for individuals in New Zealand. givME is used by all the universities as well as hundreds of other information organisations.  To find out where you can use givME free of charge near you visit the list of free givME public sites. Your library is free while home computers are not.


Scholarships For Children and Young People


The Aspire Scholarships provides assistance for low income families towards the costs of private secondary schooling. They contribute up to $15,000 per year towards the tuition fees of a private school for the duration of a student's attendance at this school. It will also include a yearly allowance of up to $1,500 for course related costs. The scholarship does not cover boarding fees, and cannot be used at state or state-integrated schools. -


Variety - The Children's Charity has grants and scholarships available for children with a special need or disadvantage (these include physical, mental, intellectual, psychological disability, geographic isolation or socio-economic disadvantage).


Birthright New Zealand Scholarships and Grants

From time to time Birthright New Zealand has grants and scholarships available for single parents and their children.  You will need to contact your local Birthright Society to apply for these and they are currently only available to people living in a region with a Birthright Society. *Please note these will not be offered in 2015 or 2016.

Women's Loan Fund

The Women's Loan Fund is an alternative lending agency for women. It is designed by women, for women, to meet the individual and collective purposes of women. The Fund provides small interest-free loans to women for a variety of reasons, including business assistance, education, and situations of financial distress. The Fund started in Wellington in 1992 and is now established in seven centres throughout New Zealand. This is a financial service where women invest, donate or loan money to help other women with small no-interest loans. Contact the Women's Loan Fund directly or call your local Citizens Advice Bureau for contact details.

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